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Discipline construction

Disciplines including degree point construction, platform construction and post-graduate training in three aspects . Marxist theory subjects of our school is a long history of discipline , but , for various reasons , until January 2006 before obtaining basic tenets of Marxism ( two subjects ) master's degree ( graduate school of the State Council position [ 2006 ] 3 ) . On this basis, after five years of painstaking efforts, and finally in the "Eleventh Five-Year" to wrap up in 2011 , seized the opportunity to declare the organization and successfully obtained a master's degree in Marxist theory disciplines right to grant ( the State graduate school bit [ 2011 ] No.18 ) .

College from 2007 began to recruit graduate students the basic principles of Marxism , starting in 2012 according to Marxist theory discipline master points, the basic principles of Marxism , Marxism in China , the ideological and political education enrollment three professional direction , at the same time , identified a new graduate training program . As of the end of August 2012 , the college has 28 graduate students , three of 17 graduate students .

College team effort gather strength , strengthening discipline platform, built the basic principles of Marxism university humanities and social sciences key research base . Professor Zhan Zhenrong hosted declared " China Road and Zhejiang practice", was identified as the second batch of university research and innovation team.

"Twelve Five" period , the goal is to institute disciplinary construction : to create a sufficient condition for the discipline of Marxist theory became provincial key disciplines ; lay a solid foundation for the declaration of Marxist theory doctoral level ; fight into a " basic tenets of Marxism " Province level key research base of humanities and social sciences ; School of cooperation and related reporting Master philosophy, history of science disciplines . College will comprehensively promote the " Marxist theory " discipline construction level , while focusing on promoting the construction of " basic principles of Marxism " disciplines. Draw similar strengths in personnel training discipline training program , combined with the practical and actual school of Zhejiang , the gradual improvement of personnel training programs , building high- Marxist theory training base , improve the level of training of graduate students ; strengthen ideological education and management graduate , training with a firm belief in Marxism , the higher the level of theoretical study and practical work of graduate students .

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