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College bears school graduate, undergraduate and adult education students at all levels of the ideological and political theory teaching and ideological and political theory course construction tasks. In recent years, according to General Secretary Hu Jintao on the realization of the ideological and political theory teaching fundamentally improve the quality requirements of college teaching reform and quality in construction has made great efforts and early results . 2006 , in accordance with the "05 plan " requirement , set up four new staff room, and asked each of the Course Construction Department as a starting point for the work . Thereafter , in accordance with the requirements of each Department of quality courses , combined with the new curriculum programs , strengthen the construction and Reform in the teaching content and form , teaching methods and practice , examination and evaluation , etc., in the smooth realization of the " 98 plan" to "05 new programs "At the same transition , " the basic principles of Marxism , "" Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics "," ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis "course were in October 2007 , October 2008 , November 2009 become a provincial quality courses , "outline" excellent course curriculum became colonel in 2010 . " Basic Principles of Marxism " and "contemporary Chinese Marxism Teaching and Research " has in 2008 and in 2010 was named the university teaching team . For five years, faculty and research projects of the Ministry of Education hosted a provincial teaching and research projects one , Department of Education and research projects 5 ; published research papers in academic journals on level seven , publishing and research results of five ; won the third country educational research excellent achievement prize a ( involved in the project ) , the sixth provincial teaching achievement award a second higher education , provincial teaching award 4 . 2012 , Professor Wang Laifa get the first "national ideological and political theory teaching expert" title .

"Twelve Five" period , the College will continue to deepen the reform of the ideological and political theory teaching , focus attention on teaching content , methods and forms of examination reform , continue to promote the construction of ideological and political theory , focusing on good teachers, teaching materials, teaching methods construction , strengthen teaching and research and teaching innovation , improve teaching quality , and enhance the effectiveness of teaching , so I thought politics theory class school students really truly loved a lifetime of lessons.

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