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Talent is the fundamental development of the Institute , the teacher is the basis for career development. College of previous leadership attached great importance to the teaching staff, and strive to build a strong political , business skills, noble morality ideological and political theory teaching , research teams.

College of the existing staff 41 people, including 36 full-time teachers , more than 10 part-time teachers , a visiting professor at more than 10. There are 11 full-time professors , associate professors and 14 ; Dr. 20 people ( including postdoctoral 4 ) , Masters 14 ; Master Instructor 20. Teachers nationwide ideological and political theory teaching experts a person named Zhejiang Province "151 Talents Project" two people , university academic leaders , Zhejiang, two young people, including staff a key funding , the provincial worship rookie a person , school grade teacher 1 person . In the provincial level and above academic groups and over duties as directors by 40 people, provincial president of the Society for two , vice president of the Provincial Institute 5 . In recent years, more attention to the introduction of young college teachers , increase efforts to train existing teachers , enhance faculty strength.

School hired Professor Chen Zhanan Peking University, Tsinghua University, Professor Lin Ai Fourth , Professor Qin Xuan , Renmin University of China , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor Wang Jianzhong and other famous scholars as an adjunct professor , adjunct professor in the School of hiring up to 13 people.

"Twelve Five" period , the College will actively introduce academic leaders and academic backbone , with particular emphasis on Dr. Young , and to support and encourage young teachers engaged in postdoctoral research ; organization of young teachers to participate in teaching and academic leaders of the research team led by Chuan , to help with , the rapid increase of young teachers teaching and research capacity ; encourage young teachers to actively participate in the school's " blue plan" and the " land of plans," the international level to enhance teachers' knowledge level and circumstances .

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