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College constantly working to expand exchanges and cooperation with external links . In recent years, with the relevant departments of Peking University , Tsinghua University, Renmin University and other famous universities to establish a business relationship ; in personnel training , recruitment and employment have maintained a close working relationship with the province of the college ; recent years there have been more than 20 people participated in international academic conferences or study abroad exchange , received over Beijing Ideological and Political theory Course backbone teacher training base , Tsinghua University School of Marxism exchange visits of Ningbo University ; Professor Chen Zhanan industry such as the appointment of renowned scholars from Peking University and 13 part-time Professor ; held several national and international conferences .

College actively use their own resources for social services . Mental Health Education Center and Higher Education Campus Management Committee , the bus company in Hangzhou Xiaoshan tobacco companies and other units have very good cooperation ; Some teachers and enterprises also have a good working relationship ; anti-cult laws and other research to teacher Wang Central and provincial departments adopted the cult problems in the prevention and treatment of work played an important role . 2012 College of Education Department of Zhejiang Province bear Xuanjiao Chu "Internal refer to the information ," the focus of the education and guidance of social hotspots See article soliciting work .

"Twelve Five" period , the College will continue to work with well-known universities and colleges in the province has a " Marxist theory " point level degrees in other disciplines to establish regular contacts ; actively seek and prestigious universities , academic institutions and contractors to host international of academic and conferences. Support and encourage academic exchanges and academic conferences on policy and funding. Expand exchanges with government departments, enterprises and institutions , in the form of training, project cooperation to provide more services for the economic and social development in Zhejiang .

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