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School of Marxism Studies,Zhejiang Gongshang University. formerly known as hangzhou college of commerce marxism-leninism instruction (1980), after renamed  hangzhou college of commerce of social sciences (1986).Since then, in order to meet the need of discipline development, and changed for three times and institutions merger: 2001 hangzhou school as humanities and public management institute (humanities and social sciences);In 2004 changed its name to zhejiang hangzhou business school to a public school of management of industry and commerce university (humanities and social sciences);In November 2007, revocation of humanities and social sciences at the same time set up the school articles school of marxism, and the institute of public administration offices office.In March 2009, the school official below independent school of marxism, to the six renamed and enduring college provides a brand-new opportunity of development.

Marxism academy is a school, in order to meet the need of the situation development, to strengthen the construction of ideological and political theory course with marxist theory discipline construction and forming academic college.College, undertake the task of mainly has: the entire school student's ideological and political theory course teaching, mental health education and the entire school teachers and students psychological consulting services;Marxist theory and ideological and political theory course construction;The ideological and political theory class and teachers' psychological health education center management.School is equipped with basic principle of marxism teaching and research section, teaching and research section of marxism in contemporary China, the Chinese modern history of teaching and research section in outline, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis for teaching and research section, four teaching institutions, such as college students' mental health and school education center;Marxism theory research center and religious research center, 2 university-level research institutions, institute of basic principle of marxism, marxism sinicization research institute, institute of basic problems in modern Chinese history, and the ideological and political education institute and the institute of mental health education and so on five college research institute;With academic degree committee, professor committee and ideological and political theory course teaching steering committee of three academic management agencies;A master's degree program is the level 1 discipline of marxist theory.

School is equipped with comprehensive office, responsible for daily administrative institute, teaching educational administration, subject research, graduate education, assets, equipment management, outreach publicity, books and materials such as concrete transaction.College and school library of reference room connected to the Internet, and have a collection of 6715 books, 145 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals.With college students' mental health education laboratory, total assets of 800000 yuan.

Dean: to Dr, professor wang

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