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Students' Mental Health Education Center School in hospital . Our school mental health education started earlier, is one of the oldest universities in Zhejiang Province institutions to carry out mental health education work. 1988 counseling room , set up in 1993 College Counseling Center , in January 2002 changed its name to mental health education center college . I adhere to the school mental health education and quality education combined , " for all, based on education , focusing on the development of " work ethic , practice to help students solve various psychological problems, guiding students to adapt to college life, effective psychological crisis prevention and intervention basis , to help students improve mental quality , improve the psychological quality , and promote talent as the goal of mental health education mode. After twenty years of exploration , development and sedimentation , and I formed a school mental health education covers education , counseling services , academic research and other content mental health education system , build and gradually perfect the work of three mental health education network , forming a combination of part-time teachers with good professional quality, relatively stable mental health education teachers, mental health education working conditions continue to improve. Existing school mental health education five full-time teachers , part-time teachers 90 people . Mental health education center has about 2,700 square meters of office , consulting , research and mental health education activities, including biofeedback instrument equipped with intelligent feedback relaxing music instrument , physical self- coherent balance system (SPCS), a variety of equipment and vent relax equipment , interior quality development training series equipment, individual and group version of the sandbox and other equipment facilities. Mental health education in philosophy , approaches , methods, has accumulated a wealth of experience , the atmosphere aspects of mental health education , mental health overall education , teaching staff and facilities and other venues has obvious advantages in colleges and universities in the province , a some aspects of living in the forefront of the domestic colleges and universities. The school has won the National Professional Committee of psychological counseling college students awarded the " pioneering Mental Health Education Award" ( November 2001 ) , " Mental Health education advanced unit" ( January 2007 ) , " Mental Health Education Advanced collective " ( May 2010 ) , was awarded the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department " Zhejiang mental Health Education demonstration Unit " ( October 2006 ) .

"Twelve Five" period, mental health education center will be constructed in accordance with the more mature and effective mental health education model has the characteristics of a sound mental health education organization mechanism and safeguard mechanism, a service combining school and community service work system , so I basically realized the school mental health education specialization, standardization, leading the province to achieve the advanced level of domestic colleges and universities .

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