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Scientific Marxist theory , both to improve the ideological and political theory teaching level and quality of education an important part , but also an important part of Marxist theory to strengthen discipline construction . The past five years , the institute hosted the National Social Science Fund Project 4 , the Ministry of Education research nine provincial subjects 20 ; published more than 300 papers , including " philosophy" , " Marxism Studies " in " published on the Chinese Social Science Digest "," Dialectics of Nature "and more than one level of academic journals and reprinted and reprinted 50 ; has won all kinds of awards at all levels of 36 , including six provincial awards , provincial awards 12 items ; published various academic works 37 , which monograph 17 . Through long-term accumulation and condensed to form the ideological and political education and student management research , more concentrated basic theory of Marxism of contemporary Western thought and study , study the history of the development of Marxism , Mao Zedong Thought and Theory of Socialism with Chinese characteristics such as field of study .

Professor Wang Laifa auspices of the " basic principles of Marxism ," the research team and professor James Zhenrong hosted the " China Road and Zhejiang practice " research team , were identified as the schools first , the second batch of research and innovation team.

 "Twelve Five" period , the College should further condensed disciplinary research , strengthen the research team , and enhance research capacity , the formation of high-quality products . To introduce discipline in accordance with the needs of research talent , bigger and stronger discipline echelon ; should give full play to the role of academic leaders , academic leaders and young teachers make with each other to achieve win-win results symbiosis .

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